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(Halid Ziya ALI)
Software Development Engineer
Software Developer
Birth Date
08 July 1984
Birth Place
Kardzhali / Bulgaria
BG and TR
BG and TR (EU Citizen, EU Name: Halid Ziya ALI)
Marital Status
Military Service
Completed, Military Rank: Second Lieutenant
Driving License
Class B
Detail Information
I’m open to working in Europe. Preferably in Germany and Netherlands. Because of I’m an EU citizen, I don’t need any residence or work permit in Europe. Detailed information about living and working in EU can be found in official website of the EU.
2006 – 2010
Computer Engineering (Bachelor)
University of Ege, Izmir.
GPA: 3.18 out of 4.00
2003 – 2005
Computer Technologies and Programming (Associate Degree)
University of Uludag, Karacabey Vocational School, Bursa.
GPA: 3.64 out of 4.00
1998 – 2003
Computer Hardware
Tophane Anatolian High School, Bursa.
GPA: 3.74 out of 5.00
Foreign Language(s)
Turkish – Native
English – Professional working proficiency
01/2013 – Current
(4 years, 6 months)
Siemens A.S. (Istanbul, Turkey)
Software Development Engineer
Job Description
Currently working at R&D department of Siemens which is – a well-established and multi-national institutional company – proved itself on technology and engineering sectors. Take office in a project developed for automation sector. Assigned to Istanbul Team, located in Kartal, Istanbul, of the core project of the application, which is named TIA Portal, that is being used in automation sectors for setting up and managing devices like PLCs and HMIs on factory site. Main responsibilities are developing new features and functionalities for the application which are specified and designed by business partner of the project, located in Nürnberg, Germany. Also bug fixing, unit testing (NUnit) and root cause analysis for deficiencies are among responsibilities.
Other than software development, taking the responsibility of the QMiP (Quality Management in Projects) of the project. Within the scope of QMiP, giving support to the PM (Project Manager) of the project and the QM (Quality Manager) of the division in respect of any quality related topics. Also mentoring to the development team on code quality related issues.
Key Responsibilities as Developer
  • Development and maintenance of key system features
  • Working in Agile/Iterative Incremental approach
  • Refactoring existing code and correcting deficiencies
  • Peer programming and code reviews to deliver high quality software
  • Writing unit tests for newly implemented codes
  • Verifying production code with nightly tests
  • Measuring code quality with regular measurements on SonarQube
Key Responsibilities as QMiP
  • Reporting regular code quality measurement results in QM Meetings
    (Duplicate Lines, Cyclomatic Complexity and Static Code Analysis)
  • Tracking code quality trends to avoid worsening
  • Mentoring the team on code quality relevant issues
    (Coding Standards/Guidelines, code quality metrics, etc.)
  • Assigning tasks to team for fixing code quality problems
    (Static code analysis violations, reducing complexity etc.)
  • Supporting project manager for the quality issues of the project
  • Making preparations for CMMI Checks, Internal/External ISO Audits if planned in the fiscal year
  • Organizing Q-Gate Check Meetings and Project Review Meetings after new version release
  • Updating all project related documents periodically
    (Project plan document, project organization chart etc.)
05/2012 – 12/2012
(8 months)
Akbank T.A.S. (Kocaeli, Turkey)
Software Developer
Job Description
Worked for 8 months in IT department of Akbank Banking Center – located in Gebze in Kocaeli – which was the fourth biggest bank in Turkey in 2012 according to official reports. Assigned to Commercial Credits team. In scope of the project, developed new functions and menus on commercial credit part of the application – is named Akrobat – which is being used by branch offices of Akbank. Instead of writing code, new functionalities were developed with IBM RAD by creating program flow schemas. Background implementation was being developed by using COBOL.
Key Responsibilities
  • Specifying requirements for new functions considering to business unit’s requests
  • Modelling new functions by using IBM RAD according to requirements
  • Updating and reconditioning the existing models
  • Managing services which are used for education purposely
  • Executing SQL queries on main frame to fix defective jobs
  • Being ready in any case of a problem while monthly integrations
07/2010 – 12/2010
(6 months)
ND SatCom Defence GmbH (Friedrichshafen, Germany)
Topic of the internship
Implementation of added functions for the application System and Network Manager of the company which is a system integrator for satallite-based communication networks and a manufacturer of Radio Frequency (RF) equipments.
Activities during the internship
  • Participation in the further development of the application System and Network Manager for communication networks via satellite, which has a client-server-architecture and is implemented in Java
  • Familiarize with the data model and the architecture of the application
  • On-the-job training concerning the development platform NetBeans Implementation for FAD (Frame relay Access Devices) Networks with wizards, editors and explorer
  • Design and implementation of functionality for licence management with several wizards, editors and explorer
  • Implementation on YAML Exporter for Contacts and Networks
  • Integration of the new components into the centralized build system
  • Developer tests of the components
  • Documentation of the activities amongst others in the company internal wiki
  • Update Python scripts for database to add example feature, licence, licenced object and feature type
Programming Languages
C# (Advanced), Java, PHP, JavaScript (Good), Batch Programming (Basic)
Programming Paradigms
OOP, Data Structures (Advanced), Design Patterns (Good)
SQL, MySQL (Good)
Web Development
HTML, CSS (Good), JQuery (Intermediate)
Version Control Systems
Team Foundation Server, Git
Development Tools
Visual Studio, NetBeans, Xampp Apache Server, MySQL Workbench, SonarQube, JetBrains dotTrace (performance measurements),
Siemens AG, Learning Campus (Wien, Austria)
“Quality Managements in Projects”
14 October 2014 – 16 October 2014, (3 Days)
BilgeAdam, IT Academy (Ankara, Turkey)
“Software and Database Expertise”
September 2011 – May 2012, (300 Hours)
Siemens AG, Learning Campus
“Quality Management in Projects (QMiP-E)” Certificate of Proof of Competence
BilgeAdam, IT Academy
“Software and Database Expertise” Certificate of Excellence
Photography (Camera: Canon EOS 600D), Architectural Modelling, Computer Games, Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Cycling, Hiking, Cooking, Reading (Last Read: Samizdat, Soner Yalçın).
Will be provided on request.