Abant Before Autumn, Bolu, Turkey.Vienna State Opera Building, Vienna, AustriaPiazza Venezia Square, Rome, ItalyLittle baby girl Cemre Naz is 1 year old. Happy birthday :)My cousin's son whose name is Enis.My wife and my son. I love them more than anything in this world.An ornament flower in a souvenir shop from Şirince, İzmir.A stained glass photo that I have shot in Vatikan.A daisy in black and white from mountains of Balkans.The red building which stands next to the Astronomical Clock in the city of Prague.Nine months old girl is under the shadow of trees.Panoramic view of Lake Abant Nature Park is located in Bolu.Clouds photo from Bulgaria that hides the sun.My humoristic brother-in-law stuck his tongue out at me.Photo of the Maiden's Tower at the southern entrance of the Bosphorus strait 200 m from the coast of Üsküdar in Istanbul, Turkey.I took that photo in Saklıkent in Fethiye while resting in a cafe where has a small inner pool.I took the shot of me from a car rear mirror.A Mustang from Nürnberg, Germany in black and white.In the photo, I have shot my cousin and his son. Photo was taken in Kardzali, Bulgaria.A ladybug on a leaf in my uncle's garden.A heart lock that was locked to fences of a bridge in Nürnberg, Germany.White light at the end of the tunnel. This photo is from Nürnberg, Germany.I took this photo while driving to Komuniga where is my mother born. It is a small town of city Kardzali in Bulgaria.Wedding rings of me and my wife.A statue in front of the Altare Della Patria (Altar of the Fatherland). Spiral stairs in Vatikan, Rome, Italy.A BMW photo from Nürnberg, Germany.A man asks money for food in Prague streets.My little niece in an apple garden. She is my wife's brother's girl. She was only one and a half year old in the photo.Single tulip between hyacinths in Gülhane Park.A long exposure work. Handwriting of my name by light.A wallpainted subway photo in Nürnberg, Germany.A lens cover photo of a DSLR Canon 600D which is my camera.An other seagull photo from bosphorus in Istanbul, TurkeyAnother Vatikan ceiling shot.A cloudy day in Istanbul and a shot of Haydarpaşa railway station.An Audi R8 photo in HDR mode from Nürnberg, Germany.Little Enis is waiting for his little sister.A view to city Kardzali at early morning.In photo, it is the New Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.A stereographic projection style in Lorenz Kirchen area in Nürnberg, Germany.My wife, my life, mother of my son. I love you.Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan Sarnıcı) in Istanbul, Turkey.A wallpaint photo of back streets of Vienna, Austria.Moment to immortalize while soaring above the clouds. Place; somewhere in the sky.A red stallion in Nürnberg streets.Me and my wife sat in front of the camera for this photo.I had this shot during a rainy Rome trip with my wife.This photo was taken in mountains of Bulgaria.Me and wife have taken a photo of our little baby boy.A flower photo in a garden that was photo in Nürnberg, GermanyA stained glass photoA flying seagull on bosphorusA calm day in Nürnberg, GermanyA spiral blub photo by long exposureA grotesque figüre photography in Prague, Czech RepublicA photo that has a story of my childhood in BulgariaA yellow Chevrolet Camaro in Nürnberg GermanyA bokeh effect at seaside in Tuzla, IstanbulThunder photo that taken in Tuzla, IstanbulA silhouette photography of a little sparrow in Nürnberg, GermanyA night photo of the Sultanahmet Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.Cage, a wallpaint photo that taken at a train station in Vienna, Austria.